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Recap of Tim Einstein’s minutes of September Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., Monday September 8, 2014 and present were:Joe Cusick, President; Bill Anderson (Recreation-pool and bathhouse), Tim Einstein (Secretary),George Moran (Roads and Grounds), Joe Keefer, and Brian Staley.

Treasurer’s Report

Bill Hobbs presented highlights from the treasurer’s report, the Account Listing and the Profit and Loss statement for May through August 2014; the budget is on track for 2014.

Pool & Recreation

Bill Anderson will be keeping the pool open for community use until September 30.   Pool hours will remain the same (11 am-7 pm).  He also reported on the following pool business:

    • Proposal for a key card system to control pool entry for next year at the pool.
    • Working on an estimate for the key card entry control system.
    • Suggested, whether or not there is a need life guard services.
    • Suggested and discussed…camera security system to monitor pool activity.
    • Enforcement of pool rules could be enhanced by using camera security system.
    • Estimate to be obtained for removal of some trees and bushes to improve surveillance of pool area.
    • Bill is planning to paint the pool building.
    • The memorial (Lord) sign needs painting.

Roads & Grounds

  • Signs at the front entrance are finished.  Awaiting Tidewater installation of water supply  tie-in in order to proceed with power-washing to entrance-way fencing, one of the final steps in completing the project.
  •    The sink hole on Jackie has been fixed.

Other Business

  • New rules publication was discussed.  Wally Benjamin is our web master.
  • The new rules are to be signed and notarized soon.
  • Water drainage pipe (storm sewer pipe) replacement was discussed.
  • There was discussion of a street sign for the cul-de-sac near Jackie.

The Pool Party was a great success: Thanks to the Pool Party Planners!

The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.

August 2014 Newsletter

August Board Minutes

The meeting was called to order and at 7:00 p.m., Monday August 5, 2014

  • Joe Cusick, President presiding
  • Bill Anderson, Recreation – Pool and Bathhouse – Not in attendance
  • George Moran, Roads and Grounds – Present
  • Tim Einstein, Secretary – Present
  • Joe Keefer – Present
  • Bill Hobbs, Treasurer – Not in attendance
  • Gloria Knittle – Present
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Bill Hobbs absent from this meeting: the Treasurer’s Report will wait for his return.
  • Pool & Recreation,
  • Bill Anderson was not present for the meeting.
  • Roads & Grounds
  • Snow removal – Joe Keefer is in the process of taking bids for snow removal for the coming year.
  • Needed stump grinder has been priced at $51/2-hour rental.
  • The signs at the entrance of the community will be removed for painting and repair. This process is expected to take about two weeks, beginning Monday, 8/11/2014. Lettering on the large sign will be blue, white on the small sign.
  • The fence at the entrance needs to be cleaned with a chemical spray and finished with a sealer.
  • Some shrubbery may be installed in the Fall.
  • Thanks to Bill Lord, who hauled the old brush from the site.
  • The agenda for the September POA Board meeting will be finalization of a plan to beatify the entrance to Whites Creek.
  • Black top is to be replaced at 703 – 705 Hickman Drive.
  • Sewer line repair on Bridge Street finally got a hot asphalt fix.There was an extensive discussion of the Rules and Regulations and changes being made to them.The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

Submitted by Tim Einstein

Social News

August 23, 5pm…….…”Taste of Italy” Pool Party (email flyer to follow) September 3, 10 am…Coffee at Bob and Colleen Coale’s Home (508 Harbor Rd) September 18………..….Monthly Dinners begin (location to be announced) Respectfully submitted Chuck Griffiths and Gloria Knittle

June 2014 Newsletter

June  Board Minutes Recap

The meeting was held on at 7 pm on June 9 at Joe Cusick’s house.

President:   Joe Cusick stated that a review and update of the community’s rules and regulations is being considered.
Treasurer:   Bill Hobbs reported that the budget is under control and annual transfers will be made to the Capital and Roads funds.  Most of the annual dues have been paid on time, and the remainder will be collected with a late fee.
Recreation:  Bill Anderson reported that trees have been trimmed at the pool and pool passes were handed out to those members of the community who included a stamped-self addressed envelope for that purpose.  Remaining pools passes will be mailed out upon receipt of envelopes as mentioned.
Roads and Grounds:  George Moran and Joe Keefer have firmed up mowing arrangements for the community’s empty lots.  A new sinkhole has been located Hickman Drive; a contractor will take a look on June 16 to assess extent of repairs on the storm sewer piping within. Improvements to the community entrance are being considered as follows: bids are being obtained to rehab the entrance signs, a bid is being reviewed to redo the planting, and an upgrade to the lighting will be undertaken.


Pool Party

Saturday, August 23 (rain date, August 24) White’s Creek Pool Party…”A Taste of Italy” Place…White’s Creek Pool Time….5 pm to 8 pm Details to follow!   Enjoy the summer and all of those guests that happily appear this time of year!!  Please note the following….  

Community Picnic

The annual picnic was held on the community’s pool grounds on Saturday, May 31. Sixty “some” people, neighbors old and new, enjoyed the gathering. Hamburgers and hot dogs were served along with various gourmet delights compliments of those in attendance.

Annual White’s Creek Manor Yard Sale

This popular event, held on June 7, continues to draw a crowd, the neighborhood was flooded with yard sale groupies looking for the prefect bargains.  Start now to gather those treasures to pass on for next year’s big day, TBA!  (Please note, that as stated in the community rules, yard sales may only be held on this one day of the year in White’s Creek Manor).

May 2014 Newsletter 

May Board Minutes Recap

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., Monday, May 5, 2014 with President Joe Cusick presiding and present were:  Bill Anderson, George Moran, Tim Einstein, Joe Keefer and Bill Hobbs. Treasurer’s Report An account listing was presented and discussed.  A proposal was made to transfer funds to the Capital and Road funds.  Per the Treasurer’s Report, the actual expenses to date are $4,493 below budget (for prior year ).  It was noted that funds were spent on the pool and on sink holes. Dues and grass cutting were discussed.  There are 246 paying properties n the community – 161 have paid their dues.  Four lots have been sold that have not gone to settlement. Pool and Recreation New floor for the bathhouse were discussed, and a sample presented.  New lights have been installed; it has been a while since improvements were made.  Installation of flooring is scheduled for Wednesday, May 7, 2014.  Pool cleanup day is set for May 14 at 9 a.m.  Roads and Grounds There was a call for republication of WCMPOA Declaration of Restrictions and Rules for Property Owners.  President Cusick disseminated copies of Rules for Golf Cart Usage; a discussion ensued about insurance coverage for them, riders vs. separate policies etc. It was noted that letters went out for grass cutting and for leases on lots. It was noted that the community picnic will be held at the end of the month, the pool party at the end of August.  Accordingly there was a discussion of the fee for the DJ and funds for a tent. The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.   SOCIAL NEWS Coffees Barbara and Al Goebel hosted the May coffee to a “standing room only” crowd.  The Goebels wrapped up the final coffee of this season in grand fashion to everyone’s delight! The coffees will resume in September; dates and hosts TBA. Dinners D’Ortones on Cedar Neck Road was the site of the May dinner.  Twenty-two neighbors and some visiting friends enjoyed the evening.  D’Ortones’ food was enjoyed by all whether it was served in small plate presentations or their generous large plate servings.  No one went away hungry “as they say”, in fact many brown bags were carried home! Mark your calendar please! Watch the Memorial Day Weekend Pool opening! Saturday, May 31 at 4pm (rain date, June 1) White’s Creek Manor Family Day Picnic Place…White’s Creek Manor Pool Grounds Signs and flyers with details are posted at the community entrance, coming and going. Saturday, June 7, starts at 8:00 am Annual White’s Creek Manor Yard Sale (watch for sign at entrance) Saturday, August 23 (rain date, August 24) White’s Creek Pool Party…”A Taste of Italy” Place…White’s Creek Pool Time….5 pm to 8 pm Details to follow!   Have a wonderful summer!  

Submitted by Chuck Griffiths and Gloria Knittle

Whites Creek Manor Property Association

April 2014 Newsletter

April Board Minutes Recap The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., Monday April 7, 2014 with President, Joe Cusick presiding and present were: Bill Anderson, George Moran, Tim Einstein, and Joe Keefer.   Treasurer’s Report Bill Hobbs is currently in Hawaii: the Treasurer’s Report will wait for his return.   Pool & Recreation Bill Anderson reported that he has been pricing tiling and painting for the bathhouse and the pool area, carefully considering choice of vendors and contractors. Old paint will be removed by power washing (may be difficult process). The inside of the showers – concrete and stalls will be done with polyaspiratic. It should take 25-30 gallons at $80 gal. + labor @ $5700 for the job. The board decided to proceed with power washing, painting walls and a high quality coating for the floor.   Roads & Grounds George Moran received some complaints about the snow plowing–not done well, particularly the intersections. Tree limbs issues were discussed: a note should be sent to homeowners that it is now time to cut grass, and to please clean up downed limbs. Details, to include payment, for the lots that need grass cutting were discussed.   New Business A satisfactory golf cart registration procedure is yet to be finalized; Joe Cusick suggested that requirements for golf cart permits be made clearer to residents. There was some discussion on how to insure that the carts used in WCM belong here.   Regarding the Coast Guard/ channel buoys – Thanks to all who responded by emailing the USCG and our elected officials concerning the channel markers. As of now the buoys will remain but are subject to a USCG hearing on May 15. Updates on this issue to follow.   Bill Anderson suggested that the spot lights and flood lights in the WCM entrance be fixed. Other repairs to the entrance include possible painting or power washing of fence and painting of the sign (made of foam board/not a strong material). One of two pages—please scroll down The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m. Submitted by Tim Einstein SOCIAL NEWS Coffees The April Coffee was hosted by Sue and Dick Rothenhoefer. There was a great turnout as everyone enjoyed the Rothenhoefer hospitality!   Upcoming Coffees Wednesday, May 7, Barbara and Al Goebel (214 Chad Place)   Dinners The April dinner, with a progressive theme, was held in Lewes. Jerry’s Seafood was the scene for pre dinner cocktails. Despite the Lower Slower Delaware bar tempo, everyone enjoyed this kickoff to the evening. Dinner was a one block walk down the street to the Hotel Rodney at the Rose and Crown Restaurant. The attractive, contemporary atmosphere set a great tone…the dinners were delicious, desserts not so much…but most would agree, the waitress was very accommodating and it was a fun evening overall!   Final dinner of the season (monthly dinners will begin again in September) Thursday, May 15….D’Ortones (38450 Hickman Rd, Ocean View) Cocktails…5:30 PM Dinner……..6:00 PM Please RSVP to Sue Rothenhoefer (539-5127) or Pat Hartman (537-5990) by 5/13 Mark your calendar please! Saturday, May 31 at 4pm…White’s Creek Manor Old Fashioned Memorial Day Family Picnic Place…White’s Creek Manor Pool Grounds Watch for signs and flyers with details!   Saturday, June 7  Annual White’s Creek Manor Yard Sale (watch for sign at entrance)   Submitted by Chuck Griffiths and Gloria Knittle

February 2014 Newsletter

  The president called the meeting to order on February 3, 2014 at 7 p.m. with Bill Anderson, Joe Cusick, Bill Hobbs, Joe Keefer and George Moran representing the Board.  Dorothy Fisch was absent.  The January minutes were approved.          Special Note: March 15, 9 AM…Annual White’s Creek Manor Property Association Meeting

Location:  Ocean View Presbyterian Church, Central Ave. and Church St., Ocean View

Treasurer’s Report

Bill Hobbs reported that WCM was on budget.  He has been pricing laptops.  The cost runs between $800 -$900 for laptops installed with financial accountability software.

Pool & Recreation

Bill Anderson reported that he has been pricing umbrellas with Sunbrella fabric for the pool.  Ocean View Plumbing will be installing floor drains in the shower rooms at the pool house.  Bill Anderson and Joe Cusick will do the concrete work to keep the costs down.

Roads & Grounds

George Moran reported that the current pricing for resurfacing the WCM roads is $300,000.  Currently, the account for roads is about $108,000.  The Board will continue to monitor and fill cracks as needed.  George Moran reported that he is preparing to get bids for lawn cutting.

New Business

The WCM Annual Reports have been taken to the printer and upon return copies will be sent out to property owners about a month before the March 15 Annual Meeting. The Board is still looking for a person to run to fill the upcoming vacancy for the position of Secretary. The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m. Respectfully submitted, Dorothy Fisch, Secretary

Social News



The February coffee was enjoyed by many of us at the home of Diana and Chuck Griffiths on Harbor Road.  Between the wonderful breakfast fare and the warm hospitality of the Griffiths, it was a terrific place to be on otherwise soggy morning.

Upcoming Coffees:

Wednesday, March 5, 10 AM ……Roberta and Brian Staley (773 Hickman Drive) Wednesday, April 2,    10 AM ……Sue and Dick Rothenhoefer (303 Jaclyn Drive)

                                     (No RSVP is needed…..Welcome all!)


The February Dinner was held at Café on 26 in Ocean View in the restaurant’s private dining room on the second floor.  There was great conversation with happy noise levels rising and falling from one end of the table to another.  The food was very good, particularly the prime rib, which was on special for the evening.

Upcoming Dinners 

Please RSVP to Sue Rothenhoefer (539-5127 or Pat Hartman (537-5990)by 3/18

Thursday, March 20….Stoney Lonen (208 2nd Street, Rehoboth Beach) Cocktails…5:30 PM Dinner…….6:00 PM  Thursday, April 10  ****Progressive Dinner in Lewes*** Cocktails….5:30 PM at Jerry’s Seafood (108 Second Street) Dinner and Desserts…6:30 PM at The Rose & Crown (in Hotel Rodney, 142 2nd Street)   Thursday, May 15….D’Ortones (38450 Hickman Rd, Ocean View) Cocktails…5:30 PM Dinner……..6:00 PM   Saturday, May 31 at 4 pm White’s Creek Manor Family-Neighborhood Picnic (details to follow)   Respectfully submitted by Chuck Griffiths and Gloria Knittle

Whites Creek Manor Property Association

January 2014 Newsletter

January Board of Directors Meeting

The president called the meeting to order at 7:05 p.m. with Joe Cusick, Dorothy Fisch, Joe Keefer, and George Moran representing the Board.  Bill Hobbs and Bill Anderson were absent.  Chuck Griffiths was present as Newsletter editor.  The December minutes were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

Joe Cusick reviewed the budget and stated that it was in good shape with a small surplus.

Pool & Recreation

George Moran reported for Bill Anderson that new umbrellas were needed at the pool.  Prices and quality will be compared before the purchase is made.

Roads & Grounds

Joe Keefer will be ordering 2014 stickers to be displayed on the windshields of golf carts in our community. Golf cart owners must show proof of liability insurance, not just homeowners insurance, before stickers are issued.  In the interest of maintaining our roads and to minimize the amount of heavy truck traffic, residents will be encouraged to use Blue Hen as the trash/recycle company of choice.  In this effort, those residents using Waste Management will be asked to consider switching to Blue Hen.  George Moran has looked into road repair and future repaving options and he is prepared to answer any questions regarding these options during the annual meeting.

Old Business

Bill Hobbs will purchase a new laptop for WCM to be used exclusively for community finances.  The laptop will be passed on with its WCM financial data to future treasurers.  While speed bumps are not popular in this community, for consideration at the annual meeting, Joe Cusick will offer property owners the options of installing either a small number of speed bumps or additional stop signs.

New Business

Saturday, March 15 at 9 a.m. has been set for the annual meeting to be held at the Ocean View Presbyterian Church.  Dorothy Fisch will be retiring after her second term ending in April 2014 and the Board is actively seeking nominees for this position.   Gloria Knittle will be assisting Chuck Griffiths with the Newsletter over the next several months. The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m

Social News

  Sue Rothenhoefer reports from the Social Committee: This year our Holiday Light Contest was held on December 18th.  Thanks to Gary and Nancy Piel and Barbara and Al Goebel (2012 winners) for acting as judges.  The winners for 2013 were: 1st   Rose Walker 2nd Libby Williams and Bill Anderson 3rd Lorraine and Al Thomas 4th Melissa and Robert Willey 4th Jeanette and Lawrence Delia



The January coffee was held at the lovely home of Joe and Carol Cusick on the marina.   Everyone enjoyed this wonderful kickoff to the New Year.

Upcoming Coffees:

Wednesday, February 5, 10 AM—Diana and Chuck Griffiths (542 Harbor Road) Wednesday, March 5, 10 AM–Roberta and Brian Staley (773 Hickman Drive) _____________________________________________________________


The January dinner was held at Fox’s Den which appears to be the “Cheers Bar” of Ocean View.  Our White’s Creek contingent captured a long table in the middle of a full house and held our own with all the other locals!  The food was great and the company was even better.  Please check the February dinner details below and plan to join us!

Upcoming Dinners:

Thursday, February 20 Café on 26 at 84 Atlantic Avenue, Ocean View Cocktails—5:30PM Dinner——6:00PM Please call Sue Rothenhoefer (539-5127) or Pat Hartman (537-5990) by 2/18 if you plan to attend. MARCH DINNER DATE:    Thursday, March 20, 2014 TIME:      5:30pm, drinks 6:00pm, dinner PLACE:   Stoney Lonen 208 2nd Street, Rehoboth Beach APRIL DINNER DATE:    Thursday, April 10, 2014** Progressive Dinner in Lewes Drinks at Striper Bites (107 Savannah Road) Dinner at Jerry’s Seafood (108 Second Street) Dessert at Rose Crown (Hotel Rodney, 142 2nd Street) The  Times to be announced next month **Please note, this dinner is being held on second Thursday of the month to avoid conflicts with Easter Services

Whites Creek Marina Concerns

During our recent cold snap, where temperatures dropped into the low single digits, someone messed with the temperature settings on the marina Ice Eater thermostats. This had the potential of causing hundreds of thousand dollars of damage. Fortunately the malicious mischief was discovered before any permanent harm was done. However, because of the potential damage the Marina Board of Directors has asked me to advise that any, unauthorized person, who is found changing the temperature settings will be prosecuted to the maximum limits of the law. Please keep our eyes open and report any activity at the marina to the marina board of directors.

Whites Creek Manor Property Owner’s Assoc.

Newsletter Dec 12, 2013

December 12, 2013 The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. with Joe Cusisk, Dorothy Fisch, Bill Hobbs, Joe Keefer, and George Moran representing the Board.  Chuck Griffiths was present as Newslatter editor.  The minutes for November were approved.

Treasurer’s Report

The budget is in good shape with a small surplus.  Bill will email the reports to the Board members. WCM will raise the administrative fee charged for putting together the WCM documents needed for settlement on WCM properties from $35 to $100. Thanks to Gloria Knittle who helped create a new mailing list for the community and will also serve as Chuck Griffiths partner Newsletter editor.

Pool & Recreation

No report was submitted.  Bill Anderson is out of town.

Roads & Grounds

Joe Keefer received three proposals on snow removal for our community.  He emailed the proposals to the Board and passed out copies at our meeting.  McCabe gave the best price.  County Bank uses his services for snow removal and is pleased with him.  The Board decided to give the contract to McCabe.  Joe Keefer will get a price for salting/sanding our roads.  McCabe will only plow after receiving notification from one of the three contact people on the Board.  Joe Keefer., Joe Cusick., and  George Moran will confer to decide when plowing is necessary and will be the contact people for McCabe. WCM property owners must follow the Sussex County rules on burning. Attached is a copy of the County Rules and a note on burning treated lumber The Board is very concerned about the speed which vehicles travel through our community. We have many walkers and we are developing a good sized population of children. They must be protected. Some have suggested speed bumps. The Board hesitates to inconvenience the membership with speed bumps. But, if traffic through the community does not slow down it may become necessary. George Moran is waiting to receive a quote on a 10-year plan for the maintenance and repaving of our roads.

Social News


December’s coffee was at the home of Frank and Joan Sandone. Their home was beautifully decorated for Christmas, Joan put out some tasty snacks and refreshments. We had some interesting conversations about our community, and in general, a good time was had by all. January’s coffee will be at the home of  Joe and Carole Cusick. Joe and Carole live at 232 Chad Pl., That is right at the corner of Chad and Harbor. The coffee will be on January 8th at 10 A.M. Invitations and responses are not necessary. Just show up.


Our annual Christmas dinner was held on the evening of Dec. 12th. It was held at Victoria’s at Rehoboth Beach. We were blessed with a clear cold evening with a bright, nearly full, moon shining over the Atlantic. Victoria’s , on the other hand, was warm, cozy, and congenial. The food and libations were very good, in addition, we received a visit from Santa, who distributed our grab bag goodies. It would be great if you could join us next year. January’s dinner will be at Fox’s, Just on the other side of  rte. 26. It will be on January 16th, cocktails at 5:30, Dinner at 6:00. Please call Sue Rothenhoefer (302-539-51270) or Pat Hartman(302-537-5990), if you plan on attending . New Business Anyone interested in running for the Board of Directors please contact our President, Joe Cusick (302-829-8306), and advise him accordingly. Christmas decorations, at our entrance were put up by Joe Cusick, Joe Keefer, and Bill Anderson. Way to go guys!

Respectfully submitted

Gloria Knittle Chuck Griffiths

White’s Creek Manor property owners

Social Report

Coffee Hour, First Wed of Each Month

Dinners, Held the 3rd Thursday Each Month

Please call Sue Rothenhofer (539-5127) and let her know if you will be Joining us RSVP:       Sue Rothenhoefer (539-5127) by Tuesday prior to the dinner.

Rental Form

Bill Hobbs has a rental form that can be adapted for use by WCMPOA.  Joe Cusick will make the necessary changes to the form.  Owners who plan to rent will be directed to our WCM blog to get a copy of the Form. A Reminder

Don’t forget to bookmark our blogsite : WCMANOR.WORDPRESS.COM                                                                                                                                                                                                                          WCMPOA

Hello world!

Welcome to White’s Creek Manor POA.  Please check back for newsletter postings and relevant community updates.   In the future you will also have access to the community rules and regulations.

Thank you.



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