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White’s Creek Manor Property Association November 2014 Newsletter

Tim Einstein’s Minutes of the November Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., Monday, November 10, 2014; present were:

Joe Cusick, President presiding, Bill Anderson (Recreation – Pool and Bathhouse), Bill Hobbs

(Treasurer), Tim Einstein (Secretary), George Moran (Roads and Grounds), Joe Keefer, Kevin Cunnion, Brian Staley, and Wally Benjamin (webmaster).

President Cusick called the meeting to order.  The previous meeting’s minutes were approved.  We spent> $20,000 on storm sewer repairs this month.

Treasurer’s Report

Bill Hobbs reviewed the WCM POA P&L and Account Listing including Capital Improvements.

There was some discussion of raising annual dues to $400.00 per year – as storm sewer repairs continue to be above budget, so we don’t have enough money to finish the upgrade of the entrance.


Pool & Recreation

  • Bill Anderson led a discussion on life guards at the pool, including comments about various pool contractors’ vs.  parental supervision.  Bill has been very energetic and busy maintaining and improving the pool area – thanks Bill.  The retaining wall between the pool deck and the tennis courts continues to list to the east, we will get estimates on drilling holes to pump concrete into the voids under the pool concrete deck. = more $
  • A pool fee, possibly an annual fee of $25 to defray the upkeep costs, was discussed.
  • There was a discussion of budget problems confronting the maintenance of the pool area. As the pool is our largest expense, we discussed ways to pay for it.
  • There was a discussion of life guards vs. simply using card readers as an access control for the pool area, again money is the issue.
  • Pool Fees vs. guest passes was taken up in the meeting.  Possibly a guest pass fee to generate more $ from the pool users.

Roads & Grounds

  • It turns out that small, smooth rocks are not favored as a decorative appointment of the WCM entranceway sign; we will be installing concrete blocks next year.  Also the additional charge on the sign was for an additional repair of the sign.
  • We spent@ $1,200 to have Tidewater install water @ entrance for watering. We  (the board) will finish digging the hole to install the yard valve and piping  ( to save $ )
  •  Other Business
    • WCM’s monthly “Dinner out” next week will be at Catchers, on Thursday, November 20, 2014.
    • Grass cutting and snow removal ($250 for plowing- the same as last year) will be assigned to Mr. McCabe.
    • The new edition of the WCM POA community regulations has been notarized and published on the WCM website. wcmanor.wordpress.com, then roads and Grounds 2014 update.

    The next WCMPOA meeting will be at Bill Anderson’s house on December 1, 2014, the first Monday of the month, at 7 p.m.

    The meeting was adjourned at 8 p.m.

    Submitted by Tim Einstein

White’s Creek Manor Property Association October 2014 Newsletter

 Recap of Tim Einstein’s minutes of October Board Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m., Monday October 6, 2014; present were:

Joe Cusick, President presiding, Bill Anderson (Recreation – Pool and Bathhouse), Bill Hobbs,

(Treasurer), Tim Einstein (Secretary), George Moran (Roads and Grounds), Joe Keefer,

Brian Staley, Wally Benjamin (webmaster), and Barbara Nelson (WCM resident).

President Cusick called the meeting to order.  The previous meeting’s minutes were approved.


Treasurer’s Report

Bill Hobbs read salient figures from the General account.  He mentioned construction escrow balances and fees. Bill also cited increased spending for storm water sewer piping repairs.


Pool & Recreation

    • Bill Anderson has reported on a proposal for a key card system to control pool entry for next year at the pool.
    •  Pool deck and retaining wall and the need for a stabilizing concrete insertion were discussed.
    • Life guards were discussed and a stable, permanent solution to the issue is being considered.  Wally Benjamin volunteered to search for a solution to this issue.
    • It was suggested that charging a fee for guest passes might go far to making the pool self supporting.  A “guest” was tentatively defined as someone who does not own property at WCM and is not a member of immediate family who does.

Roads & Grounds

  • Congratulations to George Moran:  the new WCM entrance signs are up, and Other Business
  •      they look great!  One had been broken requiring a $200 metal backing repair.
  • New rules publication was discussed.
  • Once the rules are finalized, signed and notarized, they will be published on the
  •       WCM website by Wally Benjamin, our webmaster.
  • The board is consulting an attorney, Tunnell and Raysor, concerning the slight       modification of an ongoing enforcement of POA rules.
  • Beautification of the WCM entrance, its floral appurtenances and surrounding include: cobblestone border, mulch, some camellias and boxwood.
  • A water hose bib is being installed near the front entrance.

However, due to increased spending on the storm sewer piping, the entrance makeover will be put on hold for this fiscal year.

Front Entrance Decorations

  • It was suggested that we only put flags at the entrance on the National Holidays.
  •  However we will still put up the existing Christmas lights in December.
  • Permission for a street sign for the Chad cul-de-sac has been OK’d.The meeting was adjourned at 8 pm. 
  • Social Committee News


Ropewalk in Fenwick was the scene of the October 16th dinner.  After a “happy” happy hour our group took over a corner of the restaurant where the festivities continued.  The food was good but the company was better; everyone had a great evening topped off with Pat Middleton’s “imported” homemade chocolate chip cookies.

  • The warm hospitality of Pat and Ron Hartman was on display for the October 1st coffee. With a kitchen full of breakfast goodies…a beautiful display, it was the place to be on that early Fall morning!
  • The September 18th dinner was held at The Cove located at the Country Club of Bayside.  Reviews were mixed; it is safe to say however, everyone enjoyed the lovely location and the opportunity to be together.

Please join us for the following November happenings

 Coffee Wed., November 5 (10 am), Carol and Don Boebel (430 Jackie Drive)*

 Feel free to bring canned goods and non perishables for our Christmas Food Drive

          *Please note, this is a change in location from the original coffee hour schedule



Thurs., November 20 (5:30pm-drinks/6:00pm—dinner)…Catchers (249 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth Beach)


December coffee (12/3–10 am), Libby Williams and Bill Anderson (781 Hickman Drive)

December dinner (12/11-Cripple Creek Golf and Country Club (29494 Cripple Creek Drive, Dagsboro)

Submitted by Chuck Griffiths and Gloria Knittle





Social News

Social General Info

Coffee Hour, First Wed of Each Month

Dinners, Held the 3rd Thursday Each Month

Please call Sue Rothenhofer (539-5127) and let her know if you will be Joining us RSVP:       Sue Rothenhoefer (539-5127) by Tuesday prior to the dinner.

Rental Form

Bill Hobbs has a rental form that can be adapted for use by WCMPOA.  Joe Cusick will make the necessary changes to the form.  Owners who plan to rent will be directed to our WCM blog to get a copy of the Form. A Reminder

Don’t forget to bookmark our blogsite : WCMANOR.WORDPRESS.COM                                                                                                                                                                                                                          WCMPOA

Hello world!

Welcome to White’s Creek Manor POA.  Please check back for newsletter postings and relevant community updates.   In the future you will also have access to the community rules and regulations.

Thank you.



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